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Gweithgareddau Aberteifi a Bae Ceredigion

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Dolphin Spotting on the Pleasure boats Ermol 5 and 6 from New-Quay. Departing from the main pier travel south along the Ceredigion Marine Heritage Coast for one or two hours in waters awarded special area for conservation status for the abundance of wildlife on offer including Bottlenose Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise and Atlantic Grey Seals All of which can all be seen in their natural environment from the comfort of a seat on one of our boats.

Dolphins and Porpoise are encountered frequently and sometimes even swim alongside the boat, your skipper will slow down or stop to give you the best view without disturbing them. Dolphins are highly sociable mammals, living together in groups or “pods” and communicating through high-pitched clicks or whistles. If you’re lucky, you can catch them hunting together, with high speed surface chases, fish being thrown up into the air and acrobatic displays as the dolphins feed and play. It’s estimated that between 120- 130 bottlenose dolphins are resident in Cardigan Bay and the best time of year to see them is between April to September (when our boats are in the water).

2012 Prices (prices haven’t changed since 2008): Red Boat 1hour = Adults £8 children £4.00 White boat 2hour = Adults £15 children £7.50 Fishing trip prices: 2 hour = Adults £15 children £10. 4 Hour = Adults £25 children £20.

For further information: Visit our website: You can email us: or Call: 01545 560 800 (day) 01545 560 375 (eve)

“New Quay Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips have been working alongside the Sea Watch Foundation for many years in an effort to protect Cardigan Bay’s marine wildlife. Sea Watch has been monitoring marine mammals in the region on behalf of the Welsh government’s advisers Countryside Council for Wales over the last ten years. Not only does the company provide a research platform from which Sea Watch volunteers can collect data but they also report sightings directly and support the charity in many other ways. The excursions run by New Quay Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips are in strict accordance with the marine code of conduct and contribute significantly to the protection of the Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin population.” Danielle Gibas – Sightings Officer, Sea Watch Foundation

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New Quay Harbourside
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